Venture Captive Management
>> Providing Control Assuming Ownership & Building Profit

About Venture Captive Management, LLC

VCM is a captive manager located in Atlanta, GA. We have several wholly owned captive managers in the British Venues. We offer an alternative to traditional insurance whereby we create an insurance company which your firm would own. We then structure an insurance arrangement that mimics the asset protection you would get from traditional insurance with a few major differences. We cover most lines of insurance including: Workers Comp, General/Professional Liability, Health Benefits and Property. 

This self-insurance vehicle (called a Captive) offers your company three advantages over the traditional method of transferring risk: Control, Ownership & Profit

  • Control
    Over claims process, premium amounts, loss reserves
  • Ownership
    Forming a captive is a real insurance company and turns a cost center into a profit center
  • Profit
    Captives only work if they make money. VCM captives average about 40% return on invested capital annually


Our Focus

The main elements we focus on are controlling your operation in such a way that your risk transfer solution provides you with a profit. All of the entities currently under management of Venture Captive Management, LLC create a profit for their owners.



Our captive management firm partners with the most knowledgeable business firms in the industry to provide the following services:


National Assisted Living



Apr. 15 2013
Reducing Costs Ahead of the Affordable Care Act

Feb. 1 2013
VCM is now providing Self Insured Options for Group Health Benefits

Oct. 1, 2010
Linda Nethery Promoted to President of Venture Captive Management

Aug 30, 2010
CMS Section 111 Mandatory Reporting

Aug 15, 2010
The Role of Captive Insurance in the Current Healthcare Environment

Aug 1, 2010
Medicaid Audits

July 15, 2010
VCM Dedicated Compliance Department


If you want to take control of your financial risk by owning an alternative risk transfer structure that makes a profit for you, contact us today. Our team of professionals is ready to serve you.