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Using an RRG to Customize Your Captive Insurance Options

Some of the main reasons to opt for a captive insurance structure are flexibility and control. In some ways, a Risk Retention Group, or RRG, can take those elements to another level. There are some limitations to this structure as well, but if leveraged properly, RRGs can be utilized to as part of your captive  … Read more

Captive Insurance Structures: Protected Cell Captives

Traditional insurance — life, health or property — for your business is costly and can cause a significant drain on your resources. Costs continue to rise, causing complaints both from your employees and your leadership team. While this may be the way you’ve always done business, the good news is that you don’t have to continue  … Read more

What Are Risk Retention Groups?

To begin, let’s understand the history of Risk Retention Groups. The existence of RRGs was made possible by two pieces of Reagan-era legislation: first the Product Liability Risk Retention Act of 1981 and then the Liability Risk Retention Act of 1986 (LRRA). The LRRA expanded the original Act beyond products liability insurance, enabling RRGs to write commercial, errors  … Read more

5 Steps To Effective Risk Management

Respondents recognize the need to better identify and evaluate emerging risks and to adapt their company’s business strategy accordingly. Eighty-five percent said opportunities exist to further improve the linkage between risk and business performance. But 77% limited their ability to adjust their business strategy to the changing risk landscape because they evaluated their company’s risk  … Read more

Top 5 Financial Risk Management Tactics for Small Businesses

Growing your business requires taking some risks, but in order to maintain a steady and healthy rate of growth, you need to practice sound financial risk management tactics. Every business is different, and planning for the long-term financial health and stability of your company means first identifying the combination of specific risks you’ll be exposed  … Read more

Captive Insurance & Hyperloops

Exciting technologies outpace common sense. New wonders sidestep traditional risk management assessments and create real questions for the capital markets. The hyperloop, promoted by the ever-exciting Elon Musk, is one of the great future technologies holding the world’s attention. The drive between Chicago and Cleveland is a 5 hour jaunt – hyperloops can reduce this  … Read more

Cannabis Insurance Insights

We are happy to report that Matthew Queen was published in the Captive Insurance Times for his article detailing issues with cannabis captive insurance companies.

Captive Insurance Structures: Risk Retention Groups

When choosing between various captive insurance structures, it’s important to understand the individual properties of each. One of the more intriguing of these is the Risk Retention Group, which has specific attributes that are not shared by other types of captives. While Risk Retention Groups are a small subset within the larger category of group  … Read more

Which Captive Insurance Coverage Is Right for You?

It’s no secret that finding the right type of insurance for your business can be a challenge. Any number of factors may play a role in determining the types of coverage that are available to you, as well as what types of premiums you can expect to pay. As an alternative to the traditional insurance market, an increasing  … Read more