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Understanding Single-Parent Captive Insurance Structures

The concept of captive insurance companies has been around for a long time, but historically speaking, they have only proliferated in times of hard private insurance markets. Lately, however, more and more companies have opted to pursue this type of insurance strategy for a variety of reasons even when private insurance markets are relatively soft.  … Read more

Working with Your Captive Insurance Manager

Choosing to create a captive insurance structure can help your business gain more control over your insurance operations and costs, while helping you obtain coverage that could otherwise be difficult or impossible to find through traditional insurance channels. Companies that are new to using captive insurance companies often have a lot of questions about working  … Read more

Captive Insurance for Space Tourism

With Elon Musk’s latest flashy stunt of launching a Tesla into space, it feels appropriate to provide some background on the more mundane areas of space exploration – captive insurance. There is space insurance. Shockingly enough, there is a large market for varying types of commercial space insurance. The largest sector of which is the  … Read more

Captive Insurance Programs for the Cannabis Industry

The cannabis industry has arrived. With each passing month, another state opens the door to the cannabis economy. Most recently, Vermont legalized cannabis. As Venture Captive Management predicted last year, the United States should prepare for a wave of cannabis legalization to sweep across the nation. Although cannabis is a very profitable industry, it is  … Read more

Cyber Security and Captive Insurance

The risk management sector has been transformed by the threat of cyber security exposures. Cyber security policies are generally overlooked by insureds, but that luxury is quickly coming to an end. Every year there are increasingly sophisticated viruses being developed by teenage hackers with access to NSA-level spyware. Yes, while the ever-present threat of Russian  … Read more

Financial Compliance and Regulatory Requirements: How VCM Can Help

When you establish a captive insurance company for your business, the captive must comply with the insurance and financial regulatory requirements in the state or jurisdiction where the company is domiciled from the initial application throughout the captive’s “lifetime.” Every state or jurisdiction is governed by its own insurance laws and regulations, but at their core,  … Read more

How Does Captive Insurance Work?

Companies considering establishing a captive insurance company often wonder “how does captive insurance work?” If your business is used to using traditional insurance markets and channels to meet its insurance coverage needs, it can be daunting to think of handling all of that through your own insurance company instead. In this blog post, we’ll try  … Read more

How to Handle an Insurance Review

When you establish a captive insurance program for your business through Venture Captive Management, you should be aware that we arrange for annual insurance audits for our clients. At Venture Captive Management, we see these annual reviews as part of our management and fiduciary responsibilities. Understanding the “why” behind the annual audit process and knowing what to  … Read more