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Captive Insurance as an Alternative Investment

Captive Insurance as an Alternative Investment Alternative investments are a popular way to diversify a portfolio. Examples of alternative investments include private equity funds, distressed securities, and commodities. In general, any investment that is not a stock, bond, cash, or real estate may qualify as an alternative investment. These investments traditionally deliver above-market returns and  … Read more

Tax Shelters and Insurance

Tax Shelters and Insurance All captive managers in the United States are preparing to file their responses to the IRS’s Notice 2016-66. Much has been said about the Notice all over the internet. While we can debate endlessly about the disclosure requirements in the Notice, the reality is that no one really has any idea  … Read more

Agency Captive Insurance

Agency Captive Insurance   Captive insurance offers fantastic financial opportunities for insurance agents and brokers. An agency captive provides an opportunity to increase revenues beyond the traditional commission and profit sharing arrangements between carriers and agents. An agency captive allows the agency to capture a portion of the underwriting profit and investment income. Agency captives  … Read more

The Value of an 831(b) Captive

The Value of an 831(b) Captive   Now that we are in the middle of the IRS’s witch hunt against 831(b) captive insurance companies, it is a good time to reflect upon why these types of companies exist in the first place. Whether the Service realizes it or not, the insurance industry is changing just  … Read more

How Does a Protected Cell Company Work?

How Does a Protected Cell Company Work? Captive insurance companies are powerful risk management tools that add tremendous value to their parent companies. As more middle market companies incorporate these alternative risk management vehicles and realize the value inherent to them, these companies develop an advantage over their peers without captives. Consequently, the demand for  … Read more

Professional Liability and Gymnasiums

Is Your Gym In Need of a Risk Retention Group? If you own a gym, then you should have insurance. What sort of liabilities should concern you if you’re a gym owner? Obviously you’ll need a liability policy of some kind. Products liability generally isn’t a huge issue for gyms unless you’re also selling supplements.  … Read more

Risk Retention Groups: Great Solutions for Gymnasiums

How Do Risk Retention Groups Work? Let’s take a look at an example of a gym owner. Dale owns a group of gymnasiums. Lucky for Dale, his new gym innovated a new way of exercising that just became the next big thing. Swimming in cash and good fortune, Dale is expanding across the country by  … Read more

Captive Insurance Technology

How Captive Insurance Technology Can Change the Future Zoe is a young professional working for a startup company in Atlanta, Georgia. Although she prefers to take public transportation, the realities of living in a metropolitan area afflicted with urban sprawl necessitate some personal transportation. She calls an Uber to take her to work in the  … Read more

P2P Insurance: An InsurTech Disruption

Is P2P Insurance Going to Disrupt the Industry? The insurance industry is notoriously conservative. Any slow-moving, wealthy industry is a target for disruption. So, where are all of the Silicon Valley startups taking over the industry? The short answer is that while the insurance industry may need a facelift in a number of areas, the  … Read more

Blockchain Captive Insurance

When Do You Need Blockchain Captive Insurance? Imagine you are driving your new car down the road and you come to a stop at a red light. You glance down to turn up the radio when you’re suddenly thrown into your locked seatbelt and grunt from the pain. In your rearview mirror you see someone  … Read more