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Captive Auto Finance

Captive Auto Finance Captive insurance companies provide a profitable and powerful tool with which to manage the risks for a business. Dealerships routinely form their own captive auto finance policies to gain greater control over their risks. This article explores how captive insurance companies can provide a desirable return on their investment for a dealer. First  … Read more

Ask Our Team: How Do I Set Up a Captive Insurance Company?

How to Set Up a Captive Insurance Company Are you wondering how to set up a captive insurance company? First, congratulations on your decision to take control of your company’s risks! While there are any number of reasons to set up a captive, let’s assume you’re already sold on the model and just want some  … Read more

What is a Captive?

What is a Captive? Captive insurance is the pinnacle of risk management. In general, captive insurance is a form of self-insurance with a litany of financial advantages. Surprisingly, captive insurance eludes a basic definition since the Internal Revenue Code declines to define the term “insurance.” As a result, the courts are left to decide when  … Read more

Professional Liability

  Professional Liability Professional liability insurance programs should be narrowly tailored to the insured. Every industry is unique and no two businesses are the same. A professional liability insurance policy should reflect the specific needs of the insured and help to promote growth in the industry. Many traditional insurers offer policies that cover multiple lines  … Read more

Loan Buyback Loss Control

Loan Buyback Loss Control Liquidity is the lubricant of the financial markets. Without proper loss control, financial institutions are unable to provide capital to the markets. Banks raise the funds necessary to provide mortgages through various kinds of investors. For example, mortgage-backed securities are one way in which a financial institution raises money to lend  … Read more